IMG_4226 (2)Quick Facts:

Age: 20

Based in: Toronto, Canada

Skin type: Extremely dry (Eczema) & irritable to Normal

Favourite Beauty Product: Eyeshadow

Well hello there, fellow beauty! My name is Judy and I’m currently a 20 year old undergraduate student studying at the University of Toronto. I also have this special place in my heart for all things beauty-related: makeup, skincare, nails- you name it! In search of more people who shared this passion, I started my Instagram beauty page, @beautybyjudyu, Fall 2016 and have been enjoying my experience interacting with and meeting new people. On this blog, you’ll be able to find product reviews, tutorials, looks and hauls.

Why did I decide to start a blog alongside my Instagram? I started this blog primarily because I wanted to provide people with more in-depth tutorials and reviews on products. I love Instagram and the ability to edit photos and post in one app, but it definitely has its limits. There aren’t many people who want to read a huge blurb of text under one photo, and I just felt like my reviews were losing meaning. So this blog was created as a place where I could share ALL of my opinions on a product and steps in tutorial without having to cut anything short.

All in all, I love makeup and can’t wait to interact with and share my love with all of you!