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REVIEW: Simple Glam Girls Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes


This week I wanted to review my first set of oval brushes and they’re from the company Simple Glam Girls (@simpleglamgirls on Instagram). For a few years now, I’ve been slowly growing my brush collection. I was introduced to these types of brushes when the Artis brushes became more well known on social media and Youtube. I spent a lot of my time admiring them on Instagram and trying to decide whether to splurge on them, but ultimately decided against it because they are so expensive. Because of this, I’ve never tried an oval style brush before.

The brush set I got was the 10 Piece Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brush Set. It normally retails for $129 USD but right now on their site they are $89 USD. But keep in mind, you do get 10 brushes in the set. On their site, they also sell a 5 piece brush set and some brushes individually (A, C, E, F, J) if you do not need all the brushes in the set.

The brushes came individually wrapped in plastic in the cute box you can see above. Honestly, my very first thought when I was looking through the brushes was that they were beautiful. Mind you, I’m a huge sucker for rose gold anything. The brush hairs are extremely soft and very densely packed. The handle grips are matte black with the company name stamped on them. If I had anything I could change about the brushes, I wish that they had the individual brush names labelled on them, but they do have a picture with all of the brushes and their names on the site.

all brushes EDIT

Since I have dry skin, I’ve been more of a beauty sponge type of girl and I tend to stay away from brushes for face products. My opinion on brushes completely changed after getting these though. I love how the brushes don’t sheer out coverage like damp sponges do and how they don’t soak up product because of the dense bristles.

My favourite brushes of the set are A, B, C, D, F, H and I. I love A for foundation on days where I need to get ready really quickly. The size of the brush helps blend my foundation so quickly. On days where I can afford to be more precise about foundation application, I like to use B instead so I make sure everything is properly blended. It’s just a little smaller than A so that it allows for that precision. I enjoy applying cream contour with F and then blending it out with C. Because F is so thin, I can even use it to apply the contour on my nose. My favourite way to use D is for concealer. It’s the perfect size to fit under the eye and because I have extremely dark eye circles, I’m forever grateful that it doesn’t sheer out the coverage of my concealer. I use H and I together when I am carving out my brows with concealer. I use H to apply the concealer around my brows and I to blend the concealer out.

Though I and J look similar to each other in size, the brushes are indeed different. As you can see from the photos below, I (on the left) is more bluntly cut, while J (on the right) has a more tapered tip. Because of this, I prefer to use I for blending and J for more precise application.



Overall, I am really enjoying these brushes. Since receiving them I’ve washed them all at least twice- once before using them and then other times after using them. I haven’t experienced any shedding so far and the brushes seem to be holding up well, so I am really happy about that. I didn’t think that I would like these brushes as much as I do, because of my dry skin but I’m so glad I gave them a fair shot. If you are a sponge addict like I once was, I really do recommend trying out these brushes. I find myself using a lot less product in order to get the same job done ever since I started using them; not to mention spending less time doing makeup. They work really well and they look beautiful displayed on my vanity, so they definitely get my approval.

What are your favourite ways to apply your makeup? I would love to hear them in the comments!

Those are all of my opinions on the Lush Rose Gold Oval Brush set from Simple Glam Girls! If you wish to purchase these brushes or anything else from the site, I do have a coupon code for 20% off sitewide: JUDY20 .

Thank you to Simple Glam Girls for sending me these brushes! Even though these brushes were sent to me complementary, all opinions stated above remain my own.


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